We take you from Concept to Production: The Modular Way

Giving you power of Certainty!

About Us

Modular Mobile Facility (MMF) is a fully owned subsidiary of Pharma Access, an international Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company which is transforming the pharmaceutical engineering sector through its integrated turnkey solutions for more than 2 decades. MMF is conceived with the notion to provide a power of certainty to its customers by putting modern technology to work in the field of modular construction. Our pre-engineered, pre-validated design platforms are available for fill-finish & biopharmaceutical facilities providing you a Fastrack solution to build modular facility. With MMF you can realise your dream project in an unconventional way.

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Healthcare Re-engineered!

The Concept

Modular Construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site under the same controlled plant-conditions, using same codes & standards as conventionally built facilities-but in about half the time!

These portable skids are self-contained units that can be stacked, hooked or rearranged in different formations to add to existing plants or form entire manufacturing plants.

Solutions for the New generation Facilities

Our Services

Design & Engineering Flexible.. Efficient.. Economic

Optimized & compact designs for economizing CAPEX & OPEX. Whether a greenfield plant or an extension, our designs are customized as per your constraints & requirements with compliance to GMP at every step.

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Off-Site Modular Construction Design.. Build.. Validate

Our portable skids with turnkey approach are prefabricated in the safe & controlled environment of our workshop for an enhanced predictability & faster project delivery.

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Validation & FAT Compliant.. Reliable.. Safe

Our ability to leverage Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at a module construction facility will significantly shorten the time for start-up and commissioning of a new facility.

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On-Site Installation Low Labour Costs.. No Storage.. Reduced Waste

Once modules are delivered to the construction site, they are assembled into the complete facility to carry out final testing and qualification.

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Shifting the Design Paradigm

Why Choose Us?

Off-site construction and modularization can facilitate the implementation of best practices in a controlled environment while improving delivery of key project fundamentals. Measurable benefits of off-site module construction are becoming more evident, and it is emerging as a viable method for delivering a greater degree of predictability.

Few other reasons to choose MMF over conventional ones are: