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Off Site Modular Construction

The pharmaceutical facility is segregated into modules which include the pre-finished steel structure, roof structure fabrication, staircase and external facade with aluminium composite panels. The modules will be installed with the following system:

Modular Cleanroom System
Black Utility Piping
Process Equipment
Electrical and Lighting System
Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)
Building Management System (BMS)
Extra Low Voltage System (ELV)
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) System

The pre-finished modules can withstand the loads of all utilities & equipment, seismic load, wind load, and snow load depending on the destination of the facility. The entire facility is designed to comply with all cGMP manufacturing standards. All guidelines issued by international bodies like EU GMP, WHO, ISPE and ASHRAE have also been taken into consideration.

The off-site construction of modules will be done in 5 stages:



Fabrication of modules



Installation of equipments and systems



Assembling of modules for performance check of the facility



Disassembling of modules after the performance check



Packing of modules for the transportation

Modules will be fabricated at our workshop in safe & controlled environment which will take less time compared to conventional facility. Modules which are being fabricated will be installed with the equipment & systems. Modules will be assembled with the use of specially designed hook-ups for connecting the ducting, piping and electrical systems. The time to build the facility also goes down by 30 – 35%. Performance check of the facility will be conducted to ensure that the facility is up and running. After the validation of the facility, the modules will be disassembled & packed for the shipping to the client's destination.