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On-Site Installation

As they say, "Start Strong & Finish Epic". The Modular Mobile Facility (MMF) on-site installation phase defines Epic Finish per se. The modular idea has been acknowledged to provide our clients with agileĀ  project conveyance, time conservation, promising contrivance, and better flexibility.

On-Site installation can be broadly classified into 4 phases, namely, Unloading, Base preparation, Placement, Inter-Modular connections, and Commissioning.

Once the shipments reach the destination, they are hoisted and placed as per the plan. The complete idea of discrete modules is to ease out shipment. All the segregated modules are engineered in such a manner that they can be easily installed without hampering the process flow.

For the modules to remain stable, a strong concrete foundation is made. Multiple stools or structural supports are provided during the base preparation phase. This will further get connected with the Modules using bolts.