About Us

Modular Mobile Facility (MMF) is a fully owned subsidiary of Pharma Access, an international Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company, which is transforming the pharmaceutical engineering sector through its integrated turnkey solutions for more than 2 decades.

Providing you a sense of certainty!

Modular construction minimizes operational risks, giving an enhanced predictability. Our team at MMF, born & brought up in the pharmaceutical industry, has hands-on experience in the field, which makes our fabrication flawless, with rational and effective working procedures in an assembly line manner under controlled industrial conditions.

The modules fabricated at our workshop consist of structural frames that are fit out with all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing architectural elements, complete with all utilities & process equipment.


With an extensive experience of delivering complete turnkey production facilities, we lead your project towards an on-time delivery, from the initial design study to a successful final handover, covering the complete project lifecycle of:


Conceptual Basic & Detailed Designs


Manufacturing & Installation

Shipment & Transportation

On-Site Installation & Assembly


This way, nearly 75-80% of the facility is fabricated & qualified in our workshop. Our approach to integrated qualification leverages our efforts in the workshop to the maximum, drastically reducing the time spent on-site, thereby reducing the dependency and uncertainty factor, thus reducing the project risk!

This means that the work is carried out in a safe, controlled environment, away from the weather hazards and not depending on local resources, thus reducing the anticipated project risk.

Modularisation considerably increases manufacturing capabilities, which is probably one of the most unpredictable aspects of a construction project. Besides bad weather conditions, conventional on-site construction labour productivity is plagued by high turn-over changes, unskilled workers.